Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance

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Protection for Your Business Vehicles

Commercial auto and truck insurance is a necessity to protect the vehicles that you own for your business. Whether you own a single vehicle or an entire fleet of tractor trailers, the right insurance protects the vehicle itself and possible liability for damages.

At Rakestraw Insurance Center, we take the time to go over your options and explain the benefits of this kind of coverage. It’s important to differentiate commercial autos and trucks from those you use on your off time as they require different levels of coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Business Auto Insurance - North Carolina

We can help to find discounts based upon the number of autos and trucks that you have for your business and can offer ways to save on the monthly premiums.

Find the best Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance policy to fit your business needs by protecting against:”

  • Bodily Injury – injury or death of people involved
  • Property Damage – against someone else’s property
  • Collision – from your vehicle if your vehicle gets hit by someone else
  • Uninsured Motorist – injuries, damage or death caused by an uninsured person
  • Comprehensive – for your vehicle for losses other than collision
  • Medical Payments – incurred to you and your passengers who are injured
  • Non-Ownership – employees who use their own cars for business
  • Hired Auto – vehicles that are borrowed or rented

When you think about commercial auto and truck insurance, it’s important to determine the amount of coverage that’s included within a policy. For example, you want to make sure all of the possible drivers are covered as you may not assign vehicles to your individual employees. In the event that someone gets behind the wheel of a car or truck that you own, it’s imperative that they be sufficiently covered under the policy.

Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance