Commercial Property Insurance

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Protect Your Business Property

Commercial Property Insurance will cover any kind of property that you have that is not residential. It can include an apartment building, a retail store, a restaurant, an office building, or anything else. This coverage will save you money in the event of an accident or damage.

At Rakestraw Insurance Center, we work with you to help manage your business’s Commercial Property Insurance investment to find affordable protection for your company. If the unexpected happens, such as a break in or natural disaster, all damages could be paid for out of your pocket if the property insurance policy does not cover these risks. Let’s make sure that you are covered correctly.

Partnering with our team can help give you peace of mind, easing your worries should an unforeseen event occur.

Business Property Insurance - North Carolina
Commercial Property Insurance - North Carolina

Various options exist with Commercial Property Insurance in regards to the amount of coverage and what is included within the coverage. This will depend on where you are located, the type of building, and it’s value. There may be other insurance products to consider as well to maximize financial protection for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance may help your business protect:

  • Your Business Location (Structure)
  • Product Inventory
  • Technology Equipment (Capital)
  • Exterior Signage
  • Landscaping and Fencing
  • Additional Structures

Rakestraw Insurance Center can help answer your questions, understand potential risk factors, explain options, and make recommendations on various insurance coverages for your company. Our goal is to find the best coverage so your business is protected.