North Carolina Ground Water Association

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NCGWA Group Insurance Program

The North Carolina Groundwater Association (NCGWA) is constantly striving to improve benefits their members. The NCGWA Group Insurance Program is offered exclusively through Rakestraw Insurance Center and Frankenmeuth Insurance to NCGWA members.

NCGWA members qualify for industry-specific coverages and an additional 5% premium discount only available through the NCGWA Group Insurance Program. Discounts are available for all well pump, plumbing, and water-related industries and/or suppliers.

North Carolina Groundwater Association

Industry-Specific Coverages Including:

  • Voluntary Flow Breakout Containment Cost
  • Voluntary Property Damage Resulting from a Flow Breakout
  • Contractors Equipment Loss of Earnings Coverage
  • Coverage for Drilling Equipment While Underground (“Down in the Hole” Coverage)
  • Coverage for Self-Propelled Vehicles and Vehicles designed for Highway Use
  • Well -Drillers Equipment Recovery Expense

Insurance Policies Provided:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Bonds
  • Employment Practices Liability

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